Friday, January 4, 2013

A January Collection
Brain Teasers/Vocabulary Builders
Figures of Speech
Researchable Trivia and Writing
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A fun study of palindromes—words, phrases, and sentences with individual letters that sit in the same sequence whether they are read forward or backward.
7 pages with answer keys.  No need to deal with a shopping cart.  Download this free item by clicking on the red HERE in the product description.

January Activities--FREE
A four-part handout to welcome the New Year.  RHYMING IN THE NEW YEAR is a fun anagram activity with a companion graphic organizer for writing.  Next, JANUARY ANALOGIES provide a thinking-skills challenge with a related second graphic organizer for writing. 

A nine-page activity set in two parts with 25 items each.  The month of January is the inspiration for this collection of original sentences, famous people quotes, and literature passages that illustrate the use of similes, metaphors, hyperboles, personification, and idioms. Full answer keys included.

Four sets of trivia questions about people, places, animals, and things that have distinguished themselves by being the first, largest, oldest, or fastest of their kind.  Nine total pages with answer keys.

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