Sunday, February 17, 2013

    Crocus blossoms are popping out of the ground here in the North Carolina, 
and it’s time for another

Five Outstanding Freebies
One Outstanding New Blog

February 17, 2013

Every middle-school science classroom should display these five-star posters!  Point to one of them the next time a student asks, “Why should I learn this stuff?” 

My Favorite Weather Graph—Kristen Konechy—Canada
We’re at that time of the year when the seasonal transition brings weather fluctuations that delight us, irritate us, and confuse us.  It’s one teachable moment after another!  Get this basic data-gathering and graphing page in your files and be ready.  Though tagged for primary use, this item can still function well in 4th and 5th grade classrooms.

St. Patrick’s Day Mystery Word Printable—The Creation Station—NY
Add this excellent Mystery Word Printable to your St. Patrick’s Day festivities.  Lots of kid-appeal in design and content.

Decimal Computation Cheat Sheet—Mandy B—Massachusetts
Cheat sheets can be a good thing!  New proof?  If you teach decimals, download your copy of this beauty and make sure each of your students has one of his/her own.  Watch it reinforce your teaching and diminish the number of repeated questions.  I rest my case.

March Freebie Clipart—Teachersscrapbook—CA
This pack of versatile leprechaun-inspired clipart will be a plus for your March handouts and bulletin board displays.  I especially like the leprechaun footprints.

There is a new blog icon to your left—the one that reads “Creativity in the Common Core Classroom.”  Wise Guys, the teacher team from Wisconsin whose freebies are often featured on this list, have launched their new blog as a way to prove that “going Common Core” does not mean “dumping creativity.”  They continually highlight a variety of teaching activities, either from the TpT community or  their own catalog, that combine creative teaching and Common Core alignment.  You’ll even spot one of my freebies on this site occasionally.  One more reason why this is one outstanding blog to follow!

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  1. Thanks Margaret for sharing our blog! We love how you feature so many great teaching resources on your blog!