Saturday, April 14, 2012

Mother’s Day
and Spring
Pop-up Card Patterns
April 14, 2012

     Three-dimensional paper crafts, especially pop-up books, have been on my most-fascinating-things list since my days in elementary school.  For years, I have enjoyed collecting samples of this art form in all sizes. It’s more than just the illusion this art creates.  It’s also the construction process.

     Knowing that middle school students enjoy crafts as much younger students, I stay on the lookout for “sophisticated” seasonal projects that I think might catch their fancy.  Pop-up cards, with their ah-ha! architectural secrets, fit the bill!

     Here are a few that are good candidates for Mother’s Day and/or spring.  Students can add color and personal messages to their creations.   Don’t be surprised when your more creative students start adding flourishes to accommodate their sense of improved design.   

   This video demonstration features a generic pop-up card idea that can be applied to almost any occasion or project, such as a book report, social studies presentation, or even a science project. 

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