Saturday, March 10, 2012

Margaret Nominates
Five Outstanding Freebies
March 10, 2012
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  

What 4th, 5th, and 5th grader wouldn’t enjoy designing and building a trap to catch a leprechaun?  This one also taps into the social media with leprechaun I-Phone texting, a Facebook page, and a twitter account.  Great for older kids!

Leprechaun’s Secret Language—Mary Hopkins—California
Listed as appropriate for 2nd-4th grades, this one-page “secret code” activity will also appeal to older children, especially if they are allowed to use the technique to write their own messages or create their own codes.  Lots of fun possibilities in this one!

Shamrock Decimal Multiply—Kathleen Lyon—California
A shamrock-themed visual activity involving simple multiplication with decimals.  Lots of kid appeal!

Great lab for middle school science.  Worksheets are available as both PDF files and as work documents, making it easy for teachers to adapt the material for a particular class.

The Hunger Games movie is due to be released in a matter of days.  You’ll find this activity from Tracee Orman especially appropriate as it contains photos from Henry River, the NC mill village that served as one of the filming location for District 12.

    Don’t forget to check out The Lesson Cloud, where the authors are celebrating St. Patrick's Day by GOING GREEN all week!  Lots of free items and time-saving lessons for purchase!

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