Saturday, March 3, 2012

Margaret Nominates
Five Outstanding Freebies
March 3, 2012

March Creative Writing—Ashleigh—Georgia
Excellent writing prompts for March with attractive writing paper.  This one is a winning combination.

Animal Habitats Study Guide—Tammy Horton—Virginia
Presented in question and answer format, this is an excellent student resource for learning, reviewing, and studying the facts and vocabulary of animal habitats.  
Context Clues Assessment—Meghan J—California
This one-page, ten-item freebie is a good workout for middle graders who need a little extra practice in understanding how to use context clues to determine the meaning of an unfamiliar word.

Finally!   Here’s a way to put those old National Geographic Magazines to use in the classroom.  Thanks, Smart Chick!

Language Arts General Word Wall—Tools for Teachers by Laura J—Maryland
This free download is a collection of mini-posters that feature words and definitions students will encounter in test items.  Now is a good time to display these in your classroom!

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  1. Margaret,
    Thanks so much for mentioning my Word Wall! Have a great weekend!

    Laurah Jurca
    The ESOL Odyssey
    Tools for Teachers by Laurah J