Friday, February 10, 2012

Margaret Nominates
Five Outstanding Freebies
February 11, 2012

     The title says FIVE Outstanding Freebies, but there are SEVEN items in this week’s bunch.  Removing two listings from this group of winners just proved to be too difficult!  I think you'll agree that it was a win-win decision.

Valentine’s Day Stationary—A Series of 3rd Grade Events—Texas
Two cute-as-a button stationary designs and two envelopes—all with loads of kid appeal.  Download and use year after year.

Valentine’s Day Fraction Activities—Lindsay Perro—Maryland
This one was featured in last week’s 10 Free Downloads Newsletter.  It has more than 4,000 downloads and a perfect 4.0, 12-vote rating.  I’ll let the numbers speak for themselves.  If you missed the newsletter, here’s your chance to download this wonderful math lesson.

Love Bug Bump—Sunny Days—Florida
Sunny Days is making another appearance on my list of nominees with this math game that was also featured in last week’s 10 Free Downloads Newsletter.  Download your copy of this top-rated item.

Valentine’s Day Fun Cards—Ruth S.—Connecticut
A group of six ready-to-use Valentine cards just too charming to turn down.  Your students will love filling out and sending these designs .    

Hunger Games Valentine’s Cards—Tracee Orman—Illinois
OK, Hunger Games enthusiasts. This one is for you!  Tracee Orman, one of TpT’s top five sellers, has created a set of Valentine’s cards with a Hunger Games theme that fans of this popular novel series will understand and appreciate.  Even if you don’t use the novel, download this file.  Next year, after the movie has been released, this freebie will be even more appealing to your students.

Valentine Limerick Fun—Laura Torres—California
What would Valentine’s Day be without poetry?  Ms. Torres’ freebie will fill the bill just fine!  There’s Mad-lib style limericks and a couple of other structured free style poems that will give students opportunity to stretch their imaginations and their senses of humor.  A great Valentine’s file stuffer!

I Heart Math—Amber Polk—NC
All you need to make this well-designed Valentine math freebie work are Sweethearts Candy and a group of students.  The activities themselves, which include sorting, graphing, estimation, will provide the motivation.  Fourth and fifth grade math teachers, keep your eye on this seller.

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