Saturday, February 4, 2012

Margaret Nominates
Five Outstanding Freebies
February 4. 2012

     All of this week’s Five Outstanding Freebies have a Valentine theme.   TpT’s Teacher/Authors have posted so many excellent free downloads for Valentine’s Day.
I had a difficult time whittling the list down to five.  Therefore, there will be more to come next week!

Cool idea!  Students are challenged to find perfect matches for characters they have met in books.  Couple compatibility choices are based on character About Me cards that students
ceate for their fictional clients. Older students will have a blast with this one! 

Heartfelt Causes and Effects—Laura Candler—NC
Laura has created a two-part cause/effect activity based on the Valentine story “Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch,” which can be accessed online at  Fifth and sixth graders will enjoy using this product as well as younger children.  Well-organized, complete, and tech-friendly in typical Laura Candler style.  A must have!

I Have. . . Who Has. . . Valentine’s—Cooperative Learning 365—Missouri
How lucky can we get?  Cooperative Learning 365 has created a set of my favorite I Have. . . Who Has. . . cards for Valentine’s Day.  She is also offering an I Have. . . Who Has. . . Presidents Day Analogies for free!  All kinds of thinking skills practice in these two items! 

Valentine’s Day Around the World—Angie Barillaro—Victoria, Australia
This product is a cornucopia of Valentine trivia and information that any teacher can use to wow a group of students.  Every page is a springboard of ideas for writing, artwork, performing, and so many other creative activities.  Ms. Barillaro has invested a lot of time putting this item together.  It’s “free” status requires some good feedback for all who download!  

Valentine’s Day Word Fun—Tools for Teachers by Laura J—Maryland
Younger children will enjoy the activities in this file, which includes a hands-on synonym
match and a hunt for misspelled Valentine words.  Great for those times when you need
a fun fill-in idea. 


  1. Margaret, thank you so much for sharing my freebies!

  2. You are most welcome. I love your products!