Saturday, January 14, 2012

Margaret Nominates
Five Outstanding Freebies
January 14. 2012

Pensee Poem Writing Activity—Rachel Lynette—Washington
Rachel Lynette’s free download for writing this structured, five-line poem is an exercise in both imagination and creativity.  A must-have for 4th-8th grade language arts teachers. Easily adapted to novel studies, social studies, science—almost any subject area.    

Homophone Literacy Center—Mrs. Bushnell—Indiana
This activity presents a list of selected homophones.  Students are to choose five sets, and then use them in silly sentences, which they will also illustrate.  Great idea for a teaching bulletin board.   Change the list of words, and you have a whole new activity. 

“4th Grade” is in the title of this I-Have-Who-Has vocabulary game, but it’s 100% suitable for 5th-8th grades as well, depending upon your student’s needs.  I have become a fan of this fun technique for teaching vocabulary and was delighted to find another well-written, ready-to-go set of playing cards.  Lots of practical, long-term use in this freebie.

A hoard of ideas and resources for marking the 100th day of school in this 18-page download.  Get a copy for yourself and share with your colleagues.

The Moon—Julie Rankin—Ohio
This high-quality power point takes students on a tour of moon facts, moon phases, and the workings of a lunar eclipse with an ending group of review questions. If any of these topics are on your things-to-teach list, grab this free download.

     Please be generous with the good ratings and positive comments with each file you download.   Have a fun weekend!


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