Saturday, January 7, 2012

Margaret Nominates
Five Outstanding Freebies
January 7, 2012

Understanding Verbal, Situation, and Dramatic Irony—Secondary Solutions—California
Love this activity from Secondary Solutions!  The concept of irony can sometimes be difficult to teach to youngsters—the very reason I chose this freebie.  Kristen has categorized and explained this literary element with definitions, examples, and activities that allow students to practice what they have learned.  Written for sixth through tenth graders, but I think it will also appeal to gifted fourth and fifth graders.

So much eye-candy in this collection of writing paper, you’ll just have to download and see for yourself.  Share this one with your colleagues.

Introduction to Animal Camouflage Powerpoint—Emily Kissner—Pennsylvania
Emily is no stranger to my Outstanding Freebies nomination list.  Here’s another excellent power point for science teachers.   Top-notch all the way around.

Letters to the Future—Laura Candler—NC
Talk about something different!   Laura’s Letters to the Future presents some compelling food for thought.  Students can write the traditional pencil and paper letters to themselves, save it, and retrieve it in the future, or they have the option of using the website where the letters they write will be delivered by e-mail on a specified date.  Lots of teaching ideas and resources are included.  Grab this one!

Positive Postcards—The Teacher Wife—Utah
Such a clever idea for positive feedback—a Positive Postcard from the teacher.  The author has created two different postcards to start your collection.  This idea can be expanded to suit a variety of situation, learning goals, etc.   A great way to let your students know you see the good things they do.  Get started and enjoy the happy outcomes!

Don't forget to leave positive feedback for the TpT Teacher/Authors who create these outstanding freebies!

Happy New Year!

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