Saturday, November 5, 2011

Margaret Nominates
Five Outstanding Freebies
November 5, 2011

     This week’s group of outstanding free downloads is a combination of language arts and math.  Three of the items will make excellent additions to your November/ seasonal activity files.

This product caught my attention for two reasons.  First, it’s just plain interesting!  Second, it can easily be expanded by asking students to write 5 statements about their own family holiday celebration, three true/two false.  Display the lists on a bulletin board and allow class members to deposit their determinations for each list in an accompanying envelope.  On a predetermined date, let students open their envelops and report individual results to the class.   No doubt there will be some surprises.

Phone Spelling Worksheet—Use with Any List—Rachel Lynette—Washington
Again Rachel Lynette has come up with an idea to make learning fun, even spelling. 
The versatility in this product is an added bonus.

Absolutely love everything about this download.  It’s well organized, well presented, and fun.  It also requires some sophisticated thinking in both language and math.  Grab it and put it in your keeper files.

The Wise Guys team is among TeachersPayTeachers top sellers for many reasons.  Download this one-page freebie and you’ll find one of them.  A motivating, fun activity that compells students to learn in spite of themselves!  Even if you don’t teach math, download this one and pass it along.

Thanksgiving Haikus—Secondary Solutions—CA
Kristen has created an attractive presentation/work page for implementing the hard-working haiku into your Thanksgiving-themed lessons.  Everything you need is included.  Just add students and you’re ready to go!

       Don't forget to leave good ratings and feedback for these authors. Adults, as well as children, are motivated by words of praise and encouragement!

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