Saturday, October 29, 2011

Margaret Nominates
Five Outstanding Freebies
October 29, 2011

Writing Resources Week

Winter Writing Prompt/Subway Art Idea—Addie Williams—British Columbia, Canada
This writing idea combines art with writing—just the thing for promoting and indulging creativity. 

Middle School Creative Writing Prompts—Terra Little, aka Middle School Marm—Missouri
Middle school language arts teachers, don’t pass by this one.  You get a set of well organized, thoughtful writing prompts specifically geared to the interests and imaginations of this age group.  Hard to find, but here it is!

Another great product from master teacher/author Laura Candler.  This one focuses on techniques that help students gather and organize ideas for a traditional November composition.

You’ll like this set of fifteen imaginative writing prompts complete with holiday-themed forms for writing.  These will appeal to a variety of grade levels and interest.  Download, save, and be ready when December rolls around.

Creative Writing:  Story Writing Mini-Lessons—JoAnne—Turner Valley, Alberta, Canada (131 pages)
Couldn’t believe my eyes when I ran across this jam-packed, free resource.  A wealth of information and resources for any middle grade language arts teacher.  Store this one as a permanent reference.

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