Saturday, September 24, 2011

Margaret Nominates
Five More
Outstanding Freebies

     This week I have gone international with one nominee from Canada and another from Trinidad.  Then I came home to North Carolina for some “Crafty Comprehension.”    A good teacher is a good teacher—anywhere in the world!  

Paper Bag Book Report and Rubric—Krystal Mills (Canada)
A different take on the tradition pencil and paper report, this plan requires students to use the outside and inside of a paper bag to analyze and present facts and feeling about the book they read.  The rubric makes this a complete, ready-to-go item.

Crafty Comprehension—Rebecca Bettis (North Carolina)
This freebie would be a bargain even with a $5 price tag!  Curriculum related instructions for 9 different craft projects are a big plus for teachers looking for something to motivate reluctant readers.

Nets of Cubes Activity Sheets—Nyla’s Crafty Teaching (Tobago, Trinidad)
A hands-on geometry lesson with cubes.

Finding Topics and Main Ideas—(Power Point ) Emily Kissner—Pennsylvania
A superior power point !  This one leads students through various techniques that will help them spot the topics and main ideas of factual paragraphs.  A must have if you teach reading! 

Journal Prompts—Ruth S (Connecticut)
One can never have too many writing prompts!  Here are 210 really good ones from a Connecticut  educator.

Enjoy your free downloads.  Please take a few minutes to leave positive feedback for the ones you find especially helpful.

Be on the lookout for my next set of nominees.