Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Giver: The Movie

The Giver:  The Movie

     It’s official!  Lois Lowery’s 1994 Newbery Winner is now a movie, scheduled for release August 15, 2014.   Can’t wait to see how Hollywood changes the plot and maybe . . . could it be?. . . the ending.  I really want to know if Jonas and Gabriel truly found Elsewhere or if they froze to death!

     Internet movie trailers hint of a romance mixed in, but the story basics seem to have been left in tact.  Whether the movie strays far from the plot or stays close, we're about to be gifted with another CCSS resource, and we now know that the Giver looks like Jeff Bridges!

     If you are already using this mind-stretching book, add this FREE graphic organizer to your files:

and this FREE list of 110 vocabulary words  and definitions taken from the book.

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    I have been "blog absent" during the summer because of my wildlife rehab duties.  The baby birds demand attention--just like all babies!  Seeing the TV promos for this movie bounced me back into the groove!

    Be back soon.


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