Tuesday, May 8, 2012

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     Children’s Book Week (the first full week of May) and Reading is Fun Week (the second full week of May) are the inspirations for the Ditzy Dictionary.  Though necessary resources for reading comprehension, no dictionary has ever made any young scholar’s most-fun book list.  The Ditzy Dictionary just might do it!
     Students will enjoy matching regular words to their ditzy definitions.  “Vitamin,” for example, sheds its standard meaning and becomes “what you do when a friends shows up at your front door.”  “Arbitrator” morphs into “a person who works at Arby’s but eats at McDonalds.”   And “melancholy?”  Well, that “A breed of dog shaped like a cantaloupe.”
     The 100-word Ditzy Dictionary is organized into 5 parts with 20 terms each.  Full answer keys are included.

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