Saturday, December 31, 2011

Margaret Nominates
Five Outstanding Freebies
December 31, 2011

     Hi Everyone,
     Hope you're having a restful winter break but still up to one more fun party before 2011 becomes history!  In the meantime, check out this New Year's Eve group of outstanding free lesson ideas--all designed to help make the transition back into the classroom a little more pleasant. 

Candy Bar Trivia Worksheet—Library Chick—North Carolina
Kids of all ages, even the adult kind, will enjoy this 27-item activity that challenges  students to translate the given clues and descriptions into the name of a candy bar.  Not as easy as it might seem!  The author has also included several internet links to more candy-bar trivia.

I love this type of practical math project!  Students are given a grocery shopping list with store prices and some discount coupons.  The goal is to find the best buy, purchase everything on the list, and stay within the given $30.00 budget.   What could be more appropriate? 

This freebie from the Wise Guys has so many useful, doable ideas for keeping students focused in a variety of classroom situations, you’ll just have to download it to get the full effect.  Lots of classroom mileage in this item.  A definite keeper!

This author’s essay-style lesson presentation keeps grabbing my attention.  This is my second listing of one of his free products—a set of ideas of art lessons that will work for students and teachers even when “artistic tendencies” are not present.  A great file to have on hand for those times when students need a break from the schedule or when you find yourself assigned to an unexpected fill-in duty.

Create Your Own Valentine Templates—Tracee Orman—Illinois
Another great idea from one of my favorite TeachersPayTeachers authors.  Students can use the printable templates to create their own sets of personal Valentine’s Day cards.  Tracee has added the wow factor by including ideas for linking this seasonal activity to classroom studies across the curriculum.  Loaded with a combination of fun and learning potential. 


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