Saturday, October 1, 2011

Margaret Nominates
Another Set of
Five Outstanding Freebies
     This time, I went searching for outstanding math and science resources as well as the standard language arts items.   It was a successful excursion!

Can You Make a Paraprosdokian?—Runde’s Room –Ontario, Canada
  Can I make a what?   Word game collectors, go get this one!

Understanding Multiple Meaning Words—Emily Kissner—Pennsylvania
A well-done, clearly presented power point.

Well, Okay.  This one is mine.  It’s a perk of being the nominator.

The Million Dollar Project—Janis Nobel—New York
This is the most creative “What would you do with a million dollars” project I have ever seen.  This one gets my vote for the math/social studies/language arts award.

Cloud in a Jar Water Cycle Demo—Laura Candler—NC
Laura Candler is already famous for her language arts products.  Now she gets the gold star for this teacher-conducted science demonstration.  How I would love to be there to watch the kids react when you give it a try.

     Please take the time to leave a good rating and positive feedback to thank the people who create and offer these outstanding products at no charge.

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