Sunday, August 21, 2011

Spreading the Good News

     Who among us has not grown weary of the media’s constant barrage of depressingly awful news?  In this atmosphere, encouraging students to develop an interest in current events is troublesome.  Where are the stories that uplift and inspire?

     Thanks to information shared in Laura Candler’s (Teaching Resources) recent newsletter, I am happy to report that the needed resources are out there.  Jennifer Runde, the force behind Runde’s Room, has posted “And Now for Some Good News” with links to five different internet sites that focus on positive stories worthy of sharing with students.  She has also included possible ways to incorporate current events into the curriculum and a free handout for students.

     And so, the good news is two-fold:  (1) Good people continue to do good things.  (2) With Jen Runde’s links added to your favorites, you and your students will have instant access to their stories.

   Thanks Laura and Jen!

   Now everybody spread the good news.

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  1. I was just writing this comment when I saw you commented on my blog ... great minds think alike. ;)
    Thank-you very much! I'm so happy to spread the good news ... and so happy it's continuing to spread!